Bridge Fusion Systems LLC

Technologies we have worked with

In case you’re wondering what kinds of technological buzzwords describe some of the things we’ve worked with, the list below covers experience of Bridge Fusion Systems’ principals and the subcontracted resources that we work with:


Real World Products

Production volumes >1M/yr

Production volumes <500/yr

Motor Control —
             Brushed & Brushless

             Sensors & Sensorless

Pressure Sensing

Flow Sensing

Electrochemical Gas Sensing

Calibration and Test Systems



STR911 (ARM9)

STM32 (ARM Cortex-M)

NXP LPC23xx (ARM7)

NEC V850

Freescale DSP56F8xxx, MC68HC08, Coldfire/CPU32


and more…



C/C++, Embedded and PC Applications

C#/Visual Basic with .NET

Gnu GCC/GDB in Embedded Systems

Disciplined Configuration Management



Analog —


             Small signal acquisition

             (sometimes even at the same time)

EMC/EMC Compliance

IEC 60601

UL/FM Intrinsic Safety


Pneumatic Flapper Nozzle Amplifier with electro-magnetic input.Half H-Bridge.