Bridge Fusion Systems LLC

Why Send Work Outside?

You’ve probably thought about the risks of using an outside consultant.  We have too and want to minimize those risks.


We did it once and it was a disaster!

We’ve heard of it before.  We’ve been on your side and seen it happen.  We want to distinguish ourselves by bringing you success, without the grief.  We practice risk mitigation through early attack of the difficult or unknown parts of your design.  We strive for aggressive, realistic, achievable schedules.


We need to build our core competencies

Consider that your core competency might be knowing your market, knowing how your customers and end users think.  The field of “embedded systems” is vast and hard to keep up with if you have to also pay attention to your own specialties.


We can help span the area between your application and new or complex technologies that will make your product more acceptable in the marketplace.  We can get things like small signal acquisition, USB and Ethernet into your product, and without breaking the bank on the product cost


Couldn’t the outside house want to compete with us?

We’ve seen many great ideas languish because technical resources are unavailable or unable to implement them.  We’ve seen great concepts that lacked the robust implementation necessary for reliable products.


We want to see you and your products succeed in the marketplace.


We just want to do good work, to build reliable systems that you can manufacture without hassles.


Three terminal electrochemical gas sensor.Pneumatic Flapper Nozzle Amplifier with electro-magnetic input.Half H-Bridge.