Bridge Fusion Systems LLC

Ways We Work With You

There are a variety of ways that we can help to make your projects successful.


Troubleshooting and Consulting

Before you can fix something that’s wrong with an existing design you should know what’s broken.  No, we’re not going to recommend that we redesign it for you, as the forgone conclusion when we start.  If we started that way, we could wind up taking the blame for the broken redesign!


Whole Enchilada

Our expertise in design of electronics, software and systems for real-world interaction can help you operate with lower overhead.  You maintain the expertise in what you do augmented with our help in building electronics and software for your applications.  We can do this for new designs and cost reduction/feature enhancement redesign.


Got Hardware?  Yes, but we need software!

You’ve got the hardware design and nobody to write software.  We can implement embedded software on your new or existing hardware.  Our expertise in recognizing and eliminating hardware limitations helps us discuss risks during early consultations and help you eliminate them.


Got Software?  Yes, but hardware’s killing my budget!

You need hardware to lower the cost of an existing embedded system.  We have experience in selecting the right hardware to do the job, not too big, not too small.  Not too task-specific, not too general.  Our expertise in dividing designs between hardware and software will help find the optimal solution.


Support Tool Development for Non-core technology

If you’re short on resources to build support subsystems or other non-core part of your product, we can build software tools to implement the support functions you product may require.  Our experience with USB/Serial/Ethernet communications with PC software can deliver the right interface.  Application experience in many areas helps us to ask the right questions up front and deliver the right tool with the least trouble to you.


Can you manufacture my board too?

We believe that starting a relationship for a Design-Build project is not necessarily in the best interest of transparency for costs.  It might not be good in the long term.  While we can oversee the manufacture and testing of your finished system, we think that decision’s better left for a later discussion.  We’d prefer to minimize your risk along the way, making sure that you have the design that best meets your needs.


Brushless DC or Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor.Proportional + Integral + Derivative control of Temperature using a current.Finite State MachineResistive bridge sensor with instrumentation amplifier.Synchronous digital logic for edge detector.Three terminal electrochemical gas sensor.